Richard Cobden Nursery

London Borough of Camden

The new nursery at Richard Cobden Primary school replaces a 1970’s building which has reached the end of its life. It is constructed on a site adjacent to the reception classes, creating a clearly identifiable Foundation Stage area that is integrated with the main school.

The building is located on the boundary of the school site, to maximise the amount of playground area and improve accessibility. The external wall maintains the level of security required by the school, with the presence of the nursery signalled by carefully positioned openings and clerestory windows which project above the parapet.

Sustainability elements include PV panels, enhanced insulation and lighting control, and automated ventilation. The green roof, which is overlooked by adjacent flats, slopes down towards the school. The nursery is split into two classrooms, which can be opened up to each other when required.


Client: London Borough of Camden
Completed: 2017


Image Credit: Mark Hadden / AAB