St Pancras Wells

London Borough of Camden

This proposal for public realm improvements in the area to the south of St Pancras churchyard has been developed by AAB architects. The objectives of the scheme are to: improve the experience for pedestrians walking from Camden Town and Kentish Town to St Pancras station, Euston Road and the new Kings Cross Central area; provide an improved setting for St Pancras church, and recognise the history of the site and the impact of railway construction over the last 150 years. The proposal is for a new public space, linked to the St Pancras churchyard, which would improve links to Camley Street and beyond.

Since March 2013 consultation has taken place with St Pancras Church, London Borough of Camden, High Speed One Ltd and English Heritage, and there is general support for the principles and objectives of the proposals. As the site area lies is partly owned by HS1 and partly by LB Camden, implementation will require the active support of both organisations. Next steps would involve exploration of funding options and consultation with the wider community.


London Borough of Camden
Proposal: 2013