Woodbridge Chapel

Islington, London

Woodbridge Chapel is a Grade II listed building, constructed in the mid 19th Century for the independent High Calvanists. By 1895 however, ‘the Watercress and Flower Girls’ Christian Mission’ had moved into the building, a Mission providing social support for blind and crippled girls. The basement then was considerably deepened at this time, replacing the original brick piers with cast iron columns and steel beams to support the floor above. Windows were added too in order that the basement could be used as habitable space, and provided accommodation for the girls’ Sunday School for making artifical flowers.

AAB architects were appointed to obtain listed building consent for repair and alterations to the main Chapel and basement to increase access and provide a new education space. As part of the works, a new floor was designed for the main chapel in keeping with the existing historic fabric of the church, as well as creating a level surface increasing the building’s usability in the 21st century. The basement is to be converted into a community space, for education and social uses.

Client: GraceLife London